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and earn 75% more than cards earning 1% cash back on almost everything. good morning. the big chill. frost and freeze warnings stretching from texas all the way to new york this morning. temperatures 20 degrees below average, even snow in some places. how long will it last? today, exclusive. the man behind "kony 2012" opens up about that very public breakdown at the peak of his movement's popularity. >> my mind couldn't stop thinking about the future. i literally thought i was responsible for the future of humanity. >> why did he snap? how did it impact his family, and can he get back on track? plus, wedding brawl. guests from two wedding parties get into a massive fight at a
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hotel. one guest suffers a heart attack and dies, and an investigation is under way today, monday, october 8, 2012. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on this monday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm willie geist in this morning for matt. the coldest weather of the season so far has folks out on the plaza, as you can see, bundled up. right now the temperature on a columbus day morning 44 degrees. down to 42 overnight. i guess it's fall, savannah. >> it is. seemed to happen overnight. on saturday we had a really warm day here in new york, and parts of the midwest is even colder. temperatures hovering around
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freezing places like detroit, chicago, oklahoma city. we'll get more on the forecast straight ahead. also, president obama hits up a star-studded campaign fund-raiser poking a little fun at his debate performance last week. we'll tell you what he had to say and look ahead to this week's big vice presidential debate. and we'll meet the creator of a blog who mocks parents who fill their twitter and facebook updates with tweets about their kids. is it too mean-spirited? we'll ask her about that. and check out this massive pile-up at a nascar race this season. this all happened on the final lap. more on that story in just a moment, but we want to begin with that first major blast of winter weather across a large chunk of the nation. nbc's kevin tibbles is in chicago this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: forgive me for looking a little confused this morning, though some would say most mornings i do, but today it's about the temperature. it is colder right now in chicago than it was during
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periods of last january. some people out here even had to get out their snow shovels, and it's only october. summer, fall, where have they gone so quickly? old man winter blew in to remind residents across the plains and parts of the midwest that he's on his way. in north dakota, even the reporters caught the big chill. >> the day started out rotten and just got worse. >> reporter: over the weekend, 74 record low temperatures were set and frost and freeze advisories are out for several states this morning. according to the national weather service there's just a 5% chance of even getting snow this early in october. no snow in the windy city, but spectators watching the chicago marathon bundled up to keep out the cold. >> i'm pretty cold. >> reporter: you're pretty cold? >> okay. >> reporter: where are your gloves? >> i didn't bring any gloves. >> reporter: at least the runners were in no danger of
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overheating. >> i think it's good for the runners. it's not so warm. >> it's not too bad. but these 93-year-old legs are just a little bit chilly right now. >> reporter: the start to the cold season followed by a summer dominated by heat and drought. >> temperatures we're seeing now are a good 10 to 30 degrees below average. cold air brewing up in the arctic and allowed to come down across the lower 48. hardy football fans in cincinnati braved the elements. >> feels a little colder than 45 degrees. my hands are freezing, but the rest of me is warm because i have on a lot of layers. >> i'm freezing. trying to move around and keep my hands arm. >> a pumpkin. >> reporter: and with halloween approaching this scary cold blast couldn't dampen the mood at queen's county farm in new york where it was time for the annual visit to the pumpkin patch. >> wear sandals run day and snow boots the next, but fine. >> reporter: at least there was a hot cup of apple cider on hand
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to help warm the spirits. savannah, there's a few of us out here right now who could use a little hot apple cider. in any case, it looks like this sweater weather is going to stick around for a few more days. savannah? >> all right. kevin tibbles, i think you should have bundled up a little bit more. you're showing you're tough. right now here's willie. >> thanks, savannah. politics and the presidential race. mitt romney is set to deliver a major speech today while president obama raises campaign cash in california. nbc's peter alexander is in lexington, virginia traveling with the romney camp. peter, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you. mitt romney here at virginia military institute is hoping to draw a sharp contrast with the president on foreign policy issues, specifically saying to him that hope is not a strategy. meanwhile, the president traveling across california in front of some of his staunch et supporters last night at a fund-raiser implored them saying that everything is on the line. >> hello, l.a.!
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>> reporter: enlisting a cast of celebrities including stevie wonder. ♪ >> reporter: president obama picked up a little cash in california sunday night and even made a self-deprecating aleutian to his own performance in last week's debate. >> everybody here is incredible professionals and such great friends, and they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> we're going to win florida, and we're going to take back the white house. >> reporter: wrapping up a three-day swing through the sunshine state mitt romney has appeared more confident and relaxed, invigorated by last week's strong debate and enthusiastic crowds. on sunday he previewed today's foreign policy speech in which he'll paint president obama as weak. >> i commit to you i will be a leader. when i'm president israel take the care that it takes to rebuild our principles and restore the principles that made america so strong. >> reporter: with the race tightening, the campaigns are sharpening their attacks. a top obama adviser dismissing
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romney's debate performance as, quote, masterful but fundamentally dishonest. >> mitt romney will say absolutely anything to get elected. >> reporter: and the administration's response to one of the latest job report. >> the economy is not doing well and the fact that you have a white house celebrating an unemployment rate of 7.8% with 23 million americans out of work or unemployed or underemployed tells you a lot about the failure of this administration's polici policies. >> reporter: romney has made a shift to sharing a more compassionate side, something he resisted, in three straight rallies recounting the memories of a 14-year-old he befriended with leukemia. >> he asked me a very difficult question, mitt, what's knock. he called me brother romney, what's next? david passed away, but i'll always remember and never forget his courage, his clear eyes, his full heart. david can't lose. i love the greatness of the soul of the american people. >> reporter: and this week's
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main event doesn't actually include the president or mitt romney. instead, it's the vice presidential debate. this thursday between vice president joe biden and romney's running mate, paul ryan. after the lopsided debate this past week, willie, the stakes are now higher than ever. >> a lot on the line. peter alexander in virginia for us this morning. thanks very much. >> a check of the day's other top stories. natalie morales is over at the news desk, natalie, good morning. >> good morning, savannah and willie, good morning, everyone. an unprecedented third term for hugo chavez as the socialist leader is re-elected in venezuela. kerry sanders is live with more from caracas, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the official result showed pentagon hugo chavez won that unprecedented third term with 54% of the vote. the newspaper headline here says it all, "six more years." for chavis's supporters, his re-election is an emotional moment in history. fireworks filled the skies.
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as the street party continued well into the early morning hours. a chavez victory shows supporters his brand of socialism is here to stay. >> we want to live in socialism. >> reporter: hugo chavez, 58 years old, a star among the poor in south america was himself surrounded by a hollywood star sunday, actor danny glover, a chavez supporter. for almost 14 years chavez socialist revolution has captured the imagination of the poor here, in large part because he's taken this nation's oil wealth and used its profits to give away free homes and subsidize grocery bills. >> hugo chavez. >> reporter: but opposite candidate enheek capriles says the oil wealth has been siphoned
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by the government. many of his supporters say they will leave venezuela, likely destination, the united states. >> i love venezuela. we'll continue fighting for freedom. >> reporter: president hugo chavez is battling cancer. were it to take his life in the first four years of his life the vice president would serve for only 30 days, just enough time to stage a new election. natalie? >> kerry sanders in caracas, venezuela. thank you, kerry. at least 27 new cases of fungal meningitis emerged as the deadly outbreak linked to steroid injections spreads to nine states. 91 people are now infected as the new england drug company that produced those injections widens its recall. the steroid is frequently used to treat back pain, and authorities say thousands of patients may have been injected with drugs made at the affected facility. a plea deal today for the former cincinnati bengals cheerleader facing sexual abuse
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charges. the agreement will allow sarah jones to avoid a trial slated to begin wednesday. the 27-year-old jones is expected to serve probation but no jail time for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student while she was a teacher at a local high school. the international space station is getting a special delivery from the u.s., an unmanned privately owned rocket and cargo capsule launched sunday night bringing some 882 pounds of food, clothing and other scientific supplies to the space station. perhaps the most anticipated item in the dragon capsule, a freezer containing chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream. nasa has turned to the private sector to supply the space station since the retirement of the space shuttle program last year. and a massive 25-car pile-up at talladega on sunday in the final last of the nascar race. race leader tony stewart was bobbing and weaving to avoid a takeover attempt when michael waltrip clipped his bumper
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sending him careening into several other cars. amazingly, no one was seriously injured, and as for matt kenseth he managed to avoid the carnage unscathed winning the race. quite a cleanup though there on the track. it's 7:12. right now you're up to date. let's turn it back over to savannah, willie and maria. >> thanks. >> it's amazing the safety they have on the cars. if you saw it on a highway, you would figure mass catchial tis. everybody walks away. incredible. >> and they declare a winner in the end. maria is here for al. how is it going? >> good. feeling the chill. >> yeah. >> this air mass is taking over a huge amount of real estate. many waking up with temperatures into the 20s, 30s, 40s all the way down into central texas. a wide number of frost and freeze advisory stretching from new england, through the ohio valley and down into texas. many of these will expire as the sun comes up. everybody east of the rockies will see high temperatures today
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10 to 20 degrees below good morning, a chilly day today. the high temperatures are expected to stay in the mid to upper 50s. the average high is 69. the clouds are going to be thickening up. rain late in the day, but dry for >> and that's your weather. savannah, over to you. >> all right, maria. thank you. police in philadelphia are investigating a wild scene at a hotel over the weekend. a brawl involving two wedding parties that ended with injuries, arrests and one man's death from a heart attack. nbc's katy tur that is the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the nasty crash was all caught on tape. right now they are not sure how it all started but police here
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in the city of brotherly love say it was too many people with too much to drink, and now one of those families is in mourning. this isn't the wedding video they were hoping for. watch as philadelphia cops try to break up a fight between not just one but two wedding parties early sunday morning. look carefully, and you'll see a woman in white fall to the ground. >> did somebody just hit the bride? >> reporter: that is max from films the whole thing from the philly sheraton. >> started punching each other and hitting each other and the police came in and started clubbing people. >> reporter: police tell nbc news as many as 100 people were locked in this brawl which started with one wedding party in the hotel bar and escalated when someone from another wedding party arrived and was hit with something. police had to call for backup not once, but twice, and said all of the chaos was made worse
7:15 am
by alcohol. a number of people were injured, and a 57-year-old man believed to be the uncle of one of the brides suffered a heart attack and died. a family's happiest day turned into its ugliest. >> the sheraton couldn't really do much. it was out of their hands. there were too many people who probably had too much to drink >> reporter: sheraton released a statement saying they were cooperating with the ongoing police investigation and offered heartfelt condolences to the family. as of now, one person is under arrest for assault. more charges could come. philly police say they are reviewing that videotape to see if anything could have directly contributed to that one man's death. savannah. >> katy tur in philadelphia. 7:15. once again here's willie. ohio, where voters have picked the winners of the last 12 presidential races and one area of the state is getting a lot of attention from both the
7:16 am
president and from mitt romney. nbc's capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell is in cincinnati. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. we know winning ohio is critical but the real fight is happening on smaller turf, places like this, home to 800,000 people who know they are among the most sought-after voters anywhere. now in parts of the state, it's really predictable, for obama or for romney, hamilton county could go either way and might decide it all. picking sides in cincinnati is usually a fight over who makes the city's best chili, piled high and smothered in cheese, but now it's about ohio's biggest fall prize. >> register to vote right here. update your voter registration. >> reporter: winning southwest ohio's hamilton county. >> it is ground zero, right where we are. >> it's a county that president bush won in '01 but barack obama won in '08. >> reporter: the county has traditionally gone republican. >> this is a place we plan to reclaim in 2012.
7:17 am
>> that looks like -- >> reporter: a shot at victory. >> what are the streets -- >> >> reporter: means countless steps and thousands of front doors. >> hi. my name is shelby with organizing for america, president obama's re-election team. >> reporter: volunteers who will risk the dreaded hangup. >> just wondering if you will be supporting mitt romney and paul ryan this november. >> reporter: the democratic party is all about banking support by encouraging early voting. what sort of pressure do you feel as the county chair? >> a lot. >> reporter: democrats need local college students involved and a big repeat turnover from african-americans. >> the support is here for the president, and i know that the republicans are worried about that. >> reporter: republicans are relying on well-guarded and complex consumer data to find potential supporters, many who don't always vote, and get them to vote early, and their biggest ambition is winning back independents and republicans who picked obama last time. in 2008, who did you vote for?
7:18 am
>> obama. >> reporter: and this year? >> romney. >> reporter: valerie and robert herman voted obama in '08 but call themselves undecided now. >> frankly i still don't really know what i'm going to do. >> there are disappointments, disappointments about where he said he would be today and we're not there, and my general enthusiasm has waned for him. >> reporter: many voters here say they are feeling the pressure that their votes could swing the state. >> elections are always tense, but it just seems like more people are very distressed about the outcome of this one. >> i feel so privileged i think to be a hamilton county voter and to have that spotlight hon what we're doing. >> reporter: and local democrats tell me that their enthusiasm was slower to develop this year, but they think they have got it now. while republicans say they want to drive up as many votes as they can, not only to win the county but to offset some of the support the president has elsewhere in the state. the candidates are here, it seems, almost every day, willie, and voters are really under the
7:19 am
gun to deliver one way or the other. willie had? >> all right. kelly o'donnell for us this morning from ohio. 7:18. here again is savannah. thank you. cable heavyweights jon stewart and bill o'reilly have a lot to say and over the weekend they squared off in a spirited online debate. craig melvin has more on the showdown. craig, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. organizers called it the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium. for 90 minutes jon stewart and bill o'reilly traded jabs over the serious and substantive, but much of the night was spent on silliness and schtik. >> virtually challenged candidate. >> the altitude is really rough up here. >> reporter: across the ring the face of fox news who took along a few props. >> it's boring.
7:20 am
>> reporter: a night tailor made for laughs. >> my friend bill o'reilly is completely full of [ bleep ]. >> two personalities such as yourself, who are almost polar opposites, politically, share a willingness to come together when congress can't? what advice would you give congress? >> and what would you like for christmas, little boy? >> reporter: but after the lap dance, some fire and substance about so called entitlements. >> they advertise on the radio for food stamps, are you kidding me? >> why is it that if you take advantage of a tax break and you're a corporation you're a smart business man, but if you take advantage of something that you need to not be hungry you're a moocher? what kind of business is in a? >> they also sparred over health care. >> the free market has failed us in this instance. >> you can have government regulation of it. just don't have them run it! >> reporter: one rare point of agreement, iraq.
7:21 am
>> should not have gone to iraq. afghanistan we had to. >> bill o'real, we should not have gone into iraq. >> reporter: outside and online there was anger not over what was being said but over the snail's pace of the live stream. after paying 4.95 thousands moved to facebook to complain. >> thank you for coming out to see us. >> reporter: after the debate o'riley and stewart apologized for the technical glitches and offered refunds and then in a show of surprising and unprecedented restraint no victory dance around the ring. >> i don't think you can look at these things, you know, of this idea it's a match and there's a winner and the winner takes all. >> the display that you saw tonight is why america is america, you know. robust, creative, no holds barred. >> get off. >> reporter: half of the proceeds of that event will be going to various charities choosen by o'riley and stewart.
7:22 am
one historical note here, savannah guthrie, probably the first time in the history of debates that martin van buren and lil wayne have ever been referenced on the same stage. >> let me google that just to make sure. craig melvin, thanks so much. >> i think the lincoln/douglas debate. >> like how they did the post-debate debrief, like a sporting event. >> their rival is very interesting. >> bipartisanship on tv. >> they can do it. just ahead, the man behind "kony 2012" opens up about his very public meltdown in an exclusive interview. and a happy ending for a woman who survived a brutal assault and was told she would never have kids of her own, but first this is "today" on nbc. the wheat in every mini-wheat has gotta be just right.
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to help keep you full... ♪ 45 bushels of wheat ...all morning long. there's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yee haw! those fun little biscuits. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. orioles fans are disappointed but still hopeful. the birds manage to hold onto a tie with the yankees going into the ninth inning. but new york scored five in the top of the ninth and they took the victory by a final score of 7-2. second game tonight, first
7:27 am
pitch at 8:07 at camden yards. >> not a bad out there and. it is columbus day, so a lot lighter. one problem we are just getting word of an windsor mill, we have an accident. whiskey bottom road and washington boulevard to watch for continued closure is. 56 miles per hour towards 197. watch for a left lane closure on westbound 50 towards the bay bridge. minutes is your drive time on the northeast side. here is what looks like on the west side. 95 and white marsh, continuing to move well towards the 895 split. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. over to you, tony.
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>> temperatures are in the upper 30's and low 40's. 37 in parkton, 42 at the airport. we're watching rain in the ohio valley. unfortunately, there is a chance for rain tonight for the o's came again. it should state-run bank for the most part, i temperature between 50 -- 54 and are you ready ?
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share everything by turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot for up to 8 wifi-enabled devices at no extra charge. like the new droid razr m by motorola only $99.99. it started to go to a point where my mind started to turn against me and it went click, i was not in control of my mind or body. >> you probably recognize jason russell, the filmmaker behind "kony 2012." opening up to jenna bush hager about his very popular meltdown earlier this year. how is he doing now? we'll hear from him and meantime inside studio 1a, i'm savannah guthrie alongside willie geist. matt will be back tomorrow. >> also ahead this morning. are you one of those parents who tweets or facebooks every time your kid loses a tooth or gets an "a" on a test. if you are one of those parents, milestones big and small beware of oversharing because one
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blogger is watching and could be having a little fun at your expense. we will meet her. >> okay. just ahead, legendary rocker pete townsend will be here to talk about his new memoir detailing his life in the who, his difficult childhood and why he says he regrets not facing the child pornography case he faced in 2003. let begin this half hour with new details on a story that gripped viewers in 2010. a woman who helped catch her attackers decades after she was abducted and sexually assaulted. today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen here with an update on that story. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: what a story for a monday. met a lot of people, done a lot of stories, but no question this is the most inspirational person i have ever met. it is a miracle she's even alive. jennifer never gave up, never let her rapist win, but he did take one thing from her, her dream of having kids. because of the rape, doctors said it's nearly impossible for jennifer to have kids. well, guess what?
7:32 am
jennifer never thought she would be here, eight months pregnant, just a little heartbeat away from being a mom. >> i'm 44. >> last time we talked you sat in that very seat you told me i wanted a big family and i don't think i could have it and here you are. >> two years later expecting a baby. i can't believe it. >> reporter: after all, the path to this joyous moment was riddled with pain. as a little girl in 1990 they didn't come any cuter than jennifer. like so many 8-year-olds her biggest fear was sleeping in the dark. >> i remember saying just because i love you, mom, i'm going to go sleep in my own bed tonight. >> reporter: then the unthinkable. >> i woke up to a man running with me down the sidewalk of our apartment. he had come in through the window and kidnapped me.
7:33 am
of course, i tried to scream. he immediately covered my nose and mouth, put me in his vehicle, and we drove off. i remember him holding a knife to my throat in the front seat of the car and asking me if i was scared. the next thing i remember after that is him dragging me through this field by my ankles, raped me and then he slit my throat from ear to ear and left me in the field to die. >> did you think you were going to die in that field? >> i knew i was going to die. >> reporter: neighborhood kids playing hide and go seek found her the next day, barely alive. jennifer was rushed to the emergency room. >> i was writing notes in the hospital because i could not physically speak, and they said i would never be able to talk again. >> reporter: just days later a miracle. jennifer got her voice back. >> these days it's hard to get me to be quiet. >> reporter: in fact, she spent
7:34 am
the next 19 years speaking up, working with police to crack her own case, and she did. investigators caught him sexually abusing another woman, matched his dna to jennifer's crime scene nearly 20 years earlier. suddenly her rapist had a name. dennis earl bradford, a married welder, a father himself. >> what was it like getting the call, he's captured, we found him? >> it was the most amazing moment of my life. >> not a single day goes by where i don't see that baby. >> reporter: and soon police had a confession. after decades of silence, bradford opened up. >> i took that little girl out there, and i raped her and i cut her throat. >> reporter: bradford later hanged himself in his jail cell. >> as a result of him raping me i have -- as an 8-year-old child
7:35 am
i cannot have children normally. >> reporter: something was stolen from you. >> i'm an only child. i've always wanted a big family, and to know that i have to now rely on medical advances and doing in vitro, and there's a chance that might not even work. >> reporter: but jennifer's persistence paid off, again. >> love you. >> love you. >> reporter: starting ivf treatments with the help of this man she calls an angel. dr. craig whitz. >> this really is a story of survival. >> reporter: this really touched you? he offered jennifer expensive in vitro services for free.
7:36 am
>> it was without any thought, you know, for god sake, what can we do to help this person to try to make things right. >> reporter: and boy did he ever. the girl who never gave up is about to have a little girl of her own. this is a miracle baby. >> she is, yeah. >> reporter: have you thought about what you're going to tell your daughter one day about what happened to you? >> i always sought justice for myself and for others, so i hope that from my whole experience she can see, that you know, i kept going and hope that she learns from that and always stands up for herself and what she believes in. >> reporter: be strong like mom? >> right. >> reporter: jennifer and her fiance jonathan are expecting next month, sweet justice. >> i feel like this is my happy ending. >> reporter: and jennifer isn't done yet. she wants more kids, and the chance to have a big family, and she may get that chance. doctors froze eight of her fertilized embryos after her ivf
7:37 am
treatment so this is just the beginning of that happy ending. we wish her so much luck. >> what an incredible story. >> amazing woman. >> an amazing woman. >> you get sadness and anger and in the end you get strength from her. >> reporter: >> she's great. >> now the tough turn to weather. for that we go to mah maria larosa. good morning. >> definitely chilly here in new york city, but for so many of us you're dealing with temperatures today that aren't only going to get into the 40s and 50s and basically the eastern half of the country, you're talking about high temperatures that are going to be 10 to 20 degrees below average. look at north carolina, 40s with rain today so it will be pretty nasty. oklahoma city down below freezing, earliest freeze on record for you. the west coast is doing pretty good with all the sunshine. we'll see 68 degrees in seattle. the northern tier, a few showers, not too much snow mixed in with
7:38 am
can you get a check of your weather any time at the weather channel or at willie, back over to you. >> all right, maria. thank you very much. coming up, the actress just named the sexiest woman alive. but up next, the man behind the "kony 2012" phenomenon opens up to jenna bush hager about his recovery about his very public breakdown, right after this. for months, i had this deep pain all over my body.
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back now at 7:42. jason russell became an overnight sensation with his "kony 2012" video, but a short time later he suffered a very public break doup. he sat down with "today" contributing correspondent jenna bush hager to talk about the fallout and how he's doing now. jenna, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. when one of jason russell's videos went viral and ignited a worldwide movement, what he wanted for so long became what almost destroyed him. >> for 26 years kony has been kidnapping children into his rebel group, the lra. >> reporter: when "invisible children" uploted its new video last march the mission was simple. make joseph kony fils-aime. >> and i'm about to tell you exactly how we're going to do it. >> reporter: kony 2012 was a call to action to stop the lower resistance army and the tragedies they were committing in uganda. >> the night i first met jacob
7:43 am
he ted me when he and other children were living through. >> reporter: by the time he was 12 years old jacob had already been abducted by the lra and watched in herror as they killed his brother. when filmmaker jason russell heard his story he knew he had to share it with the rest of the world. "kony 2012" became the most watched viral video in history with more than 100 million views in less than six days. what was that week like for you? >> it was so chaotic. i mean, it was so exciting because it felt like the world was for us, and then at the same time it was heartbreaking and felt almost like a nightmare because it felt like the world was against us. >> average close to 1 million hits per hour. >> reporter: suddenly jason was everywhere, flying across the country, doing television interviews about the video, and then facing scrutiny about the charity after the website crashed and thousands of orders
7:44 am
for action kits went unfilled. all of the pressure started to take a toll on jason behind the scenes. >> i didn't know what i was doing. >> reporter: after dedicating nearly ten years of his life to the children of uganda, it took only ten mitts on a san diego street corner for jason's whole world to unravel. >> what? >> reporter: that's jason, ten days after the release of "kony 2012," naked, pacing, screaming, all captured on video and posted tmz. tell me about that day. >> my mind couldn't stop thinking about the future. i literally thought i was responsible for the future of humanity. like it started to go into a point where my mind finally turned against me, and there was a moment where, click, i was not in control of my mind or my body. >> reporter: doctors called the episode a psychotic break. had a was that like for your family? >> i mean, it's hard for my wife
7:45 am
to talk about it still because it was so scary and traumatizing. >> reporter: jacob, the ugandan boy featured in "kony 2012," is now a 22-year-old man studying to become a lawyer. when he saw jason's meltdown on the internet jacob worried that his friend had sacrificed too much to save him and the other ugandan children from a terrible fate. >> the cause of everything that is going on in his life snow blamed it on yourself? >> yeah. i was asking myself, what if i hadn't met him, and what if i had not told him my story. >> reporter: how have you taken care of yourself in the last couple of months? >> it's just been really spending time with my family, a lot of, like, slowing down, you know, yoga, therapy, and it's really been healing for the mind, body, soul. >> show her the beginning of the movie. >> reporter: today jason is back at work updating the story of jacob and the international manhunt for joseph kony. it's called "move," an appeal to
7:46 am
supporters to march on washington on november 17 and demand that world leaders bring kony to justice. >> i don't think anything can compete with the perfect storm of "kony 2012" but we do hope that millions of people do see this next film and know that we are still committed. >> reporter: jason and invisible children are hoping to catch lightning in a bottle for a second time. they uploaded the new movie "move" to youtube last night. savannah, i asked him is he ready for this, interviews, and he said this time he's going to take his health much more seriously. >> good to see him doing better. jenna bush hager, thanks for this story. appreciate it. still ahead, we'll take a turn and show you four websites that will change the way you shop online. but up next big bird goes on "snl" to talk about his surprising place in the presidential race. ♪ [ male announcer ] 20,000 btus produce a delicate sear.
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7:51 am
i feel like i'm famous now. i was walking down the street the other day and i felt that everybody recognized me. >> okay. >> yeah. it's so weird to think that just a few days ago i could just blend in like every other perfectly normal 8 foot tall talking bird. >> cute. >> we have to say savannah guthrie was hanging around studio 8h around "saturday night live" and met big bird. >> my mom is in town. brought her to the dress rehearsal for "snl" and donna who works here took us backstage and i met big bird. i have to tell you something came over me when i saw big bird on stage. i became 5 again. i went like this to my mom, and i went, mom, big bird. i don't know what happened, and i met him and told him that. i said i grew up with you and it's really neat. the same person has been doing it since 1969. >> '69, yeah. >> so he's all of our big birds. >> is it true that you were actually taller than 8 foot tall big bird? >> oh, no, you didn't, miss
7:52 am
morales. >> yes, i have the picture to prove it, but we can't show it to you, but it's true. >> picking on tall people again. >> just ahead, oversharing on facebook. we'll meet a blogger who thinks so. t asking out the cutest girl in algebra. the metcalfe brothers had a staring contest to see who'd get the last bite of dessert. four old roommates debated whether asia was or wasn't the greatest '80s supergroup ever. and a surprise birthday party caught amanda sullivan totally off-guard. all over delicious entrees like new smoky chipotle chicken fajitas from our $20 dinner for two. chili's -- more life happens here. they're whole grain good... and yummy good. real fruit pieces. 12 grams of whole grains and a creamy yogurt flavored coating. quaker yogurt granola bars. treat yourself good. get two miracles in one product.
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell. >> we are watching delays to a lot on southbound 83. we have an accident now confirmed southbound just past padonia road. right lane is blocked rate down to 11 miles per hour down to shawan road. consider york road instead. franklin boulevard, to pre taking up a couple lanes. fairbrook road and new castle road, watch for crash and windsor mill. let's get an live view of traffic.
7:57 am
southbound it is coming towards us towards the accident scene, just past padonia road. left lane does get by on the center lane. very heavy leading up to it. 95 south of the beltway northeast, not to have the there. moving well from the white marsh. >> we are off to a quiet start. and little on the chilly signed, but no rain out there had. 39 in mount airy. same thing in parkton. there were reports of a little frost in the far western suburbs. we are watching another system from the southwest. this is pointing in our direction. there will be another chance for a list light rain overnight tonight.
7:58 am
today, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. average high is 69. it will be a dry day on tuesday. it will be a dry day on tuesday. and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with the press of a button. new pumpkin k-cup packs, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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there's no other taste like it. america runs on dunkin' coffee. 8:00 now on this monday morning. it's the 8th of october, 2012. it is a chilly, chilly start to the day here in mid-town manhattan, everybody bundled up on our plaza. any idea what the temperature is right now? >> feels like 47. >> okay. i'll buy it. >> you don't know the answer. >> i don't know. >> i was absolutely asking. good morning to everyone in the crowd. i'm savannah guthrie alongside willie geist in for matt. >> we do have the weather. >> we'll get the forecast from maria in a moment. meantime, you hear that? there is a reason that we are playing the who this morning because pete townsend is here. he's out with a new memoir. he talks about his life in the
8:01 am
works some of the struggles he's had over the years, some of the wild times. we're going to catch up with him and chat about that coming up. >> i just met him a few moments ago. my year has been officially been made. >> is that like you bowing down over there? >> all downhill from there and joran van der sloot serving a sentence for murder, becoming a father. that's what we're hearing this morning. details on that. >> all right. >> and we'll talk to the creator of a blog who takes aim at parents who overshare online. it's extremely popular. some say it's hilarious and others say it crosses the line. this woman behind it, not a parent, by the way, answers her critics in a first live television interview. >> did a poll on to ask if this site is funny or mean-spirited, we'll reveal that in a moment. i think you'll be surprised by the results. >> you got me hooked. >> now to natalie at the news desk. hey, nat. >> good morning, savannah and willie. good morning, everyone.
8:02 am
mitt romney delivers a major speech on foreign policy in virginia set to accuse president obama of being massive on middle eastern affairs and a failing to back up words with action. president obama meanwhile campaigns in california where he headed a celebrity -- driven fund-raiser, his campaign released an ad calling romney amateur itch and inexperienced on foreign policy. joran van der sloot has reportedly impregnated a woman who visited him in prison. he's serving a 28-year sentence for murdering a young woman. the paper says the pregnancy is beyond the third month and the paper says van der sloot confirmed the news in a phone call. police believe a backpack and water bottle found sunday belonged to an a denver-area girl. the items were found miles from
8:03 am
jessica ridgeway's home. police intensified their search for jessica this weekend. she was last seen on her way to meet classmates on her way to school but she never arrived. now more from wall street. good morning to you, kayla. >> reporter: wall street is relatively sleeping on this columbus day holiday, but investors are still finding thorns in that relatively positive jobs report from last friday. this week we also have earnings from u.s. companies like jpmorgan chase and the parent company of pizza hut. signs of a slowing economy expected from corporate america there, but that concern, natalie, not hurting the stock market, at least right now. the dow jones industrial average near levels it hasn't seen in five years. back to you. >> kayla tausch at the new york stock exchange, thanks. now a look at what's trending. announced sunday that mila kunis has been named its sex i have the woman alive. the 29-year-old actress poses on
8:04 am
the magazine's november cover in nothing but a pair of skin tight slacks. magician david blaine's latest stunt has made him lightning rod for criticism online. fans can watch live on youtube as blaine spends three straight days standing in a 1 million volt manmade lightning storm while wearing a metal suit. a 69-year-old physics professor says the trick is so tame he'd do it himself, but he would need to take a nap. and jay-z and his wife beyonce brought down the house with their final concert this weekend to open the new barclay center in brooklyn. he even took the subway to the show where the couple performed "young forever" and "crazy in love." cool concert all right. 8:04. now back outside to savannah and willie. >> let's check in with maria i larosa to ask her what the temperature is. >> a little bit chilly, a hardy
8:05 am
crew ready to take on the chill. let's take a look at lima, ohio, our pick city. wlio, sunny and cool and 56 degrees. bright sunshine that's obviously not going to do a whole lot in a lot of spots, but a we're seeing temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average. rain with temperatures also into the 40s and 50s. a little bit raw from atlanta into the mid-atlantic. it's off to the west, must be the place to be in through the four corners. colorado rockies 73 and you'll see 65 today good morning, a chilly day today. the high temperatures are expected to stay in the mid to upper 50s. the average high is 69. the clouds are going to be thickening up. rain late in the day, but dry for
8:06 am
j to give a shutout to these bff, sandy and robert, look at you cutie pies. what's your secret? >> we forgive each other. >> unconditional love. >> congratulations, guys. >> thank you so much. >> check out your weather any time at back to you, savannah. >> moms all around me on the plaza. moms, do you put pictures of your kids online? >> yes. >> no. >> i just got a no. >> a lot of parents do. coming up next, we'll introduce you to a blogger who kind of makes fun of parents who put all those pictures and post about their kids online is. she hilarious, or is it kind of mean? back after this. when it comes to toilet paper,
8:07 am
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8:10 am
popular but first more on the website that has a lot of people talking. >> reporter: hoops in a toddler's hair, a vomiting baby and potty training that has clearly missed its mark. it seems there is no joy of parenting too private to share, and you can find it all on with 1.5 million hits a month it's become must-read material, readers eager to see just how much the mommies and daddies are willing to share. from i can't believe they posted that picture, to status updates hijacked by overzealous parents. for example, kevin writes anyone up for going to see a movie this weekend? bailey replies. i haven't seen a movie at theater since 6 months into my last pregnancy with huge ten-pound guy who destabilized my pelvis. it's that kind of oversharenting
8:11 am
that created blair koenig to create the blog. anonymous for three years the 30-year-old childless writer was recently unmasked by the "the new york post" and outed herself on "the rikki lake show." i don't want to highlight one particular person. >> while fans love the takedown of parenting tmi, moms themselves have mixed opinions. >> i don't think it's fair for anyone to judge. >> i mean, they are cute to see how they are growing up, but then sometimes it is too much overwhelming at times. >> reporter: some mom bloggers say koneig's too hard on the online parenting community. >> and i can guarantee if she decides she wants to become a parent she will be there and will really appreciate the community that's there to support her. >> reporter: whatever your feelings are on oversharenting, you may never look at a parmesan shaker the same way. >> blair
8:12 am
koenig is here as well as parenting tipster. ladies. >> as a parent. we overshare. i have a 5 and 3-year-old, we send pictures and tweets and everything else, but what gets a lot of people about your blog is you seem to be obsessed with it. why does it upset you so much? why does it bother you so much? >> it doesn't actually bother me. i think it's just an interesting cultural phenomenon, and when i saw that nobody else is talking about, it i decided that i would just go ahead and take the lead. it's not really an obsession so much as an interest and how parents are using social media. >> so some people say it's a little bit mean-spirited, and i recognize this all started with the old christmas letters. remember those, the family letters would go out and we'd hear every details of our friend's child, their life, everything going on, but now it's twitter, now it's facebook. these are weekly, daily, hourly
8:13 am
updates. is it about the tools we have now? is that why we're oversharing? >> i think sometimes, yeah. we have these tools, and i think that because we're in the age where they are so new to us, some people don't want to edit themselves. i think some people have actually consciously decided i'm not going to worry about it, not going to edit myself and share the information. >> i want to hear what you had to say about this poll. we asked on is this a mean-spirited website or fun? you have the numbers. you'll be pleased. 88% at said it's funny and not mean-spirited. can you relate at all to the 12% there, the people who think it's a little bit mean? >> i think that some of those people are probably oversharers themselves or haven't checked out the site. i know it's not for everybody, but i think most of the time the reception is very positive. a lot of parents read the site, and i get a lot of e-mails from parents every day, so most people say, you know, i'm a parent myself and i don't want to know my friend's child pooped
8:14 am
in the potty. >> kimberly, why do we do it as parents? we definitely do it, tell our friends every step of the way. why? >> just as human beings, whether we're a parent or not, we all have that need to feel heard, to feel valued and when we're sharing something that we're passionate about, our children, it opens up conversation about what our day is like. parenting isn't easy. we have the trauma, the triumphs and sometimes it's funny and want to share it because it can be very isolating for parents. >> what does it mean for kids? if you post information or a photograph about a kid, it can life forever online what. are the implications for kids? >> right. well, i think also with oversharing, it's a boundary issue. some of us have stronger boundaries that we've built, and we're not willing to share certain descriptive pictures about our parents or children, could hurt them in the future. if someone is doing a search on them it could make them a target for bullies and don't want to
8:15 am
name our children's pictures because forever you're plastering a picture of your child on the internet forever. >> what won't you do? what won't you do? how do you protect families like this? >> i think it's just important to remember that the things that really matter are the things that are going to appeal to yourself and to your friends. just try to be considerate if your child, yours, your friends. be aware of the fact that it's not just about you. it's not just about, you know, how adorable your child is. or something that he did that might have been very disgusting that you had to deal with. sometimes your friends just don't need to know all that information and they are better off for it. >> now you have said you hope you have children in the future. do you have parents, i assume. >> i do. >> hope you have children in the future. what are you going to do that first smile that comes through, that first trip to the potty because now you cannot share a picture? >> well, i am a relatively private person when it comes to sharing already on social media,
8:16 am
but i just think it's important to be -- you know, you can post that first picture of your child's smile. i think that's great. if your child has a milestone or even does something cute, talk about it, but just try to edit yourself when it comes to the oversharing. there's a difference between sharing and oversharing. >> all right. >> a little good advice this morning. ladies, thanks so much. blair koenig and kimberly clayton, thanks very much. up next, the legendary rocker pete townsend opens up about the highs and loaves his remarkable career. that's after this. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes
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8:20 am
audiences for half a century and also wrote majority of his band's classic songs. now, townsend is out with his memoir "who i am." pete townsend, good morning. good to see you. >> thank you. >> we're all kind of bowing down this morning. wonderful to have you here. so why did you decide to write your life story? >> i decided to write it when i was 20. it's taken me a long time. it just felt the time was right. i'm 67. if i waited any longer, i could be dead, and there's a lot to say. >> the title is "who i am," a play, of course, on the band's name but is that a question you think you answer through the book? >> i think i do, and i think i have. that's good. i'm happy who i am and i never expected that. you know, i was rather a miserable young man. >> what a life you've, and you speak of misery as a young man. you had a really hard upbringing. you write in the first pages of the book about being sent away to a grand matter wmother who w abusive. do you think that ultimately
8:21 am
defined your life and your music? >> it not defined my music by definitely came out in it, definitely, definitely, and could i see evidence of it in my music that actually did lead me to get therapy to look at just that because i could see it in the lyrics, you know, that i'd had trouble as a kid. i didn't remember much about it, but the most important thing was the contrast with the fabulous stuff, the life that i had with my dad who was a band musician and i was with them and traveling with them and that part was great. with my grandmother it was dark and then back with the band again. it was a contrast that was so hard to handle, and i didn't remember much about it until i went into therapy. >> seems like a roller coaster ride. you mentioned that you don't remember much. there are hints in this book of abuse, sexual abuse even, but you never come right out and say it. is it because you don't remember or because it's just too painful? >> partly because i don't remember and partly because i don't want to delve too deeply into it. i don't know how much i would
8:22 am
gain from going into it, and when i was in their, i was urged to try to go into regression and pull stuff out. you know, i don't think it was really as serious as so many people suffer, and i do think, too, that redemption for me has been through being creative and allowing it to come out. and the other thing that's wonderful is i've done that. allowed it to come out. some of it is a bit icky, some of the scenes are rather dodgy, but it's important to remember sympathy, apathy and similar experience for post-war children. >> i want to ask you about something controversial and you write about it in the book. accused of looking on a child pornography website and you've given quite a defense of it in your book. can you explain what happened? >> i was trying to prove that credit card companies were taking money for child porn. i didn't enter a website, didn't look at images, and a couple of us that were campaigning and we
8:23 am
gave it up in the end because it seemed so futile. it seems strange that it's been proved that credit card companies could refuse to take money from any website that they choose, but there's too much money out there. >> and because of that, you had to actually register as a sex offender. >> i had to register as a sex offender because i wouldn't go to court. 11 computers were taken from my hou house, you know. an investigator found that i hadn't -- a forensic investigator found out that i hadn't entered the website, and -- but nonetheless, by the time the court -- the case came to -- the charges came to be presented to me, it was five month i had to wait. i was exhausted, and i felt if i went to court i would be offering myself up for sacrifice, so i was kind of waiting for this moment, to do the book, put it down, and once that actually happened is more stuff has come out. a couple of guys on the investigating force have come
8:24 am
forward and gave me letters to say that they never believed and there was no evidence, that i'd actually entered a website and a guy got hold of the actual hard drive and said, you know, there's irrefutable proof that i didn't face it but now i can come and face you. it would have been tough and certainly impossible for me to go to court. >> so much to talk about, beyond, that all of your music, some of those wild days. how did you start smashing the guy tar, which later became your signature move? >> it's kind of a bit artie fartie. i was at art school, a course about rat callization art and changing the way we do art, painting and sculpture, and i used my guitar in a different way on stage. i had big amplifiers, and one day i was hamming around with my guitar and the neck broke off, and hi people in the audience from my class at art college and they were looking at me and saying, pete, this is the
8:25 am
opportunity to go the whole way and i went the whole way and then it became a gimmick. >> crazy days, the classic drugs and rocki 'n' roll kind of thin, alcoholism, the whole thing. you talk about it in the book. do you ever look around and say i'm still here, i can't believe it. while so many others are not? >> because i didn't do it properly. >> well, that's one way to look at it. was there something cathartic about writing this book and putting it all down? >> yeah. there was. you know, there were bits when i thought i wish there was more. i'm coming across a bit boring but i tell the truth in the back. >> the book is not boring and it's an honor to have you here to talk about it. >> thank you very much. >> once again the book is called "who i am." just ahead, four websites that will change the way you shop after a check with your local news on a monday morning.
8:26 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell. >> we are still dealing with problems out there, but the good news is that the accident on southbound 83 just past padonia has been cleared. hilton street and frederick avenue, a crash coming in. tapping the brakes on the average dipped towards dulaney valley. not bad i-95 west side. looking good at the moment. u.s. 50 is closed at maryland ave and cambridge. if you are traveling over there, that is due to an accident.
8:27 am
we will show you what it looks like on 83 and padonia. back to normal towards the beltway northeast. aig of the baltimore and harford road, definitely thinning out on the outer loop towards the harrisburg expressway. taney, over to you. >> so far so good today. you probably noticed it thickening up the last few hours. temperatures are still kind of chili. 44 at the airport. 39 in taneytown. it will be difficult to get the temperatures to move much today because the clouds are thickening up. this will arrive this evening, and it could bring another round of light rain. during the day, it should be dry. well below average for this time of year. 60s tomorrow. seven on wednesday.
8:28 am
>> back with another update at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this columbus day. it's monday morning, october 8th, 2012. a day off for kids across the country. we have a big crowd in rockefeller plaza celebrating this beautiful but i have to say a little bit chilly. did we ever find out the temperature in. >> getting better, getting better. >> used to be able to see it on the wall. oh, well. >> i didn't see it. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside willie geist in for matt and
8:31 am
natalie morales here. coming up, if you need to add pieces to your ward wroeb, and you were just saying you needed pieces, we have some websites that will change how you shop from everything from shoes to makeup and so much more. >> exclusive preview. a big night on "the voice," battle round begins turning teammate against teammate. two of the most popular contestants from the audition phase will perform for us live this morning. >> love the battle grounds. >> excited about that. >> what would columbus day be like without our favorite italian favorite? they are here cooking up a feast like they always do. counting down the minutes. >> when i know they are coming i don't eat for 24 hours beforehand and also doing our "take 3." a bride who is asking her bridesmaids to meet a certain amount of demands, shall we say, if they want to be bridesmaids. >> bridzilla to a whole new
8:32 am
level. but first a check of the weather with maria in for al. >> you got everybody up, the whole crew, 5:30 to come on by. >> yes. >> that's true, and not a lie? >> yes. >> what's your name and where are you from? >> i'm jack hardy from macon, georgia. welcome, jack's a cutie pie, mom so you've done good. a look at the weather. big question, how long is the chill going to last? the next few days. a look at this early week. huge amount of territory below average, 10 to 20 degrees for your average high temperatures. it's only going to be above normal in the pacific northwest. we get into the middle part of the week and still have a lot of territory below average, and then can you see by later in the week it's still everywhere from the northern plains into the northeast staying below average. a little bit closer to average with some rain as we get to the southwest on into the south. that's a look a
8:33 am
>> you can check out the weather where you are any time at willie, over to you. >> maria, thank you very much. coming up next, four shopping websites to add to your list of favorites. that's next but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
8:35 am
. back now at 8:35 with "today's style" and four websites that will change the way you shop online. jeannie mai is here with the
8:36 am
tips. >> you're a wearapist. >> with all your online shopping needs. >> we start with shoe dazzle, why do you like this? >> shoe dazzle has an amazing way to invite visitors to come and within moments the site curates all of the best picks for you, makes a shoe room, a showroom, and then your friends can all shop through your showroom and can you shop through the site. anything you buy whether it's the handbags that they have now sent to you as accessories or shoes, 39.99. >> are these different brands, or shoe dazzle its own brand? >> it is its own brand, have other brands but they style for "the biggest loser," they wanted wider soles, chunkier heels and for all the seasons shoe dazzle was able to perform for me. >> all for
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> yes, yes, yes, so i'm with you. we love vintage. very cool to have that unique piece but who has time to go and dig for treasures and such a bummer when you go and you don't find it. chelsea girl is a website made from a vintage connoisseur. shops for all these pieces available on our site. 5% of anything that you buy, goes to the charity of your choice. best part. if you've always been looking for that jacket, that buttery leather jacket or that perfect broach chelsea girl will go out and shop it for you. >> really. >> so you have a personal vintage shopper. >> very expensive look here? >> depends on your price, depends on your budget, but her prices are really, really great and i love that celebrities like rachel zoe will be shopping on it and then people like myself and my own friends and even my mom loves to shop on it. it's really fun. >> last but not least, a very
8:39 am
popular site. >> yes. >> popular. >> 17 million people already know about this, but here's why i love polivor. not only do members go in and create steps that inspire you to see what you would wear to work, to a day at the park or for the weekend what, i use it for, if i have pieced in my closet, you know you've wornior our own, they shop for new pieces and break down pieces, dana max blacktop and skirt. i just picked some staples that i have in my closet, went and typed them in, and if you see here, polyvore came up with different sets on other members on how i can wear these pieces differently. >> wow. i have this particular skirt or i have a maroon skirt. >> do it either way. >> i do it that way, too. red skirt. what do i wear for this tan and black dress, and chances are you'll find different pieces that other people have created. >> like having your own personal jeanie mai right there.
8:40 am
>> everybody could only wish. >> thank you so much. >> and we should mention, by the way, style network is a division of nbc universal. coming up next, let the battles begin. two conceptants from the voice perform for us live, but first
8:41 am
barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
8:42 am
♪ wait till i get back ♪ daddy's gonna love one and all ♪ ♪ and i feel the break, feel the break, and -- ♪ >> back now at 8:42 with an exclusive preview of the battle rounds that begin tonight on the nbc hit show "the voice," brian mcloughlin and add am keith from team adam levine. guys, good morning. >> hello. >> we didn't even bring out the fog machine for pete townsend. that's how big you are. we've got fog for you. is this strange for the two of
8:43 am
you because in the battle round format they have turned teammates against each other, brother against brother? is it odd to be competing against a guy who has been your teammate? >> had a great time with it. friends going into it and we saw it. such different singers. we'll do our own thing and they will like one more than the other. not me against him. trying to do the best i could, and we're so different. brian, has to be a little bit of tension. at the end you want to win "the voice" and you have to eliminate him to do that. >> both well prepared and trained really well going into it. it is weird because we've become really good friends, but we're just -- we're both hungry for it, you know, so it's just -- it's down -- it's up to the coaches really, you know. >> an interesting twist to the format this time around. whoever is eliminated tonight may not just quite be done because one of the other teams could pick you up, whether it's christina or seal oerk cee lo, you'd like to go if god forbid
8:44 am
you're eliminated? >> if i'm eliminatedo[ happy i anyone wants to steal me, a tough decision depending on who it is. hopefully that wins. >> is there a strategy tonight when you go head to head? differently than singing onok yr own up there? >> just do your thing, and enjoy it. like i just -- we couldn't help but keep laughing with each other, even when it came down to the performance. just having a good time the whole way through, and that's what we both want to do, just giving it our all. >> you have mary j blige helping you. is that intimidating walking into a studio with not only adam but mary j blige? >> unbelievable. one of the biggest stars in music. we're in there now working on a song and giving me advice. it was unbelievable, and it was intimidating at first but at end of the day it was constructive, and they were trying to help us and sort of make us the best that we can be so it's really exciting. >> i'm going to stop talking and let you guys sing.
8:45 am
we'll fire up the fog machine and let you gays go. gentlemen, take it away. ♪ ♪ i ain't got no crystal ball ♪ well i had a million dollars but i spent it all ♪ ♪ ♪ i really want to know, my baby ♪ ♪ i really want to say ♪ it's love that i need
8:46 am
♪ o ♪ ♪ and i feel the break, feel the break and i gotta love it all ♪ ♪ oh, yeah. and i wear that i really want to know ♪ ♪ my baby ♪ i really want to say i can't define ♪ ♪ love makes it go ♪ if he knows what is good for him ♪ ♪ believe me when i say that i've got something him ♪ ♪ i really want to know ♪ my baby, i really want to say ♪ ♪ is there just one ♪ way back
8:47 am
♪ yeah >> well done, gentlemen. thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. >> you can see the two of these guys tonight on "the voice" right here on nbc. that's at 8:00, 7:00 central. good luck tonight, fellows. good luck to both of you. when we come back, cooking with the
8:48 am
8:49 am
this morning on "today's kitchen," what's on the menu, a columbus day feast. we're preparing a special meal using some of the ingredients that christopher columbus had. guaranteed. okay. here to help us, mary, anthony and an. happy columbus day. >> thank you. >> happy columbus day. >> he sailed with the prosciutto. tonight we invited christopher columbus to come to our restaurant tonight. we went to him on the nina, the
8:50 am
pinta and -- >> santa maria. >> the first thing we did, one of his favorites. it's a polenta with sauteed apples and prosciutto. he loved prosciutto, loved it. >> good man. >> now we have a new thing. these cans can be bought in kitchen supply stores or online, and they are sardine cans, and we make this appetizer with raw tuna, okay. and a little salt, garlic, a little pepperoni. >> that looks good. >> and some lemon. >> but you don't serve it raw. >> wait, wait, wait. >> i can't wait. look. it's hot oil. whoa! >> it just cooks it right up in there. >> you bet. >> and in two minutes we cover
8:51 am
it. >> yeah. >> and in two minutes, a merial. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. listen, if you have a lot left over, can you make tuna salad tomorrow. >> i love it. that's a show stopper. thank you so much. >> over to anthony. this is your guy. >> we're on the ship, right, we're rocking back and forth. >> i'm with you. >> what we having for dinner, who wants to eat? everybody is fishing, but we have stuff on board so let's start with like a fish stew. so let's use garlic. >> okay. olive oil, a little olive oil. going to have a little onion on board. marjoram and oregano, a little red pepper. we're going to start with that, really let that cook really well, a little fennel. >> he was on that ship for five days and it's all fresh. >> on the ship saying what are we going to do today, you know what i'm saying? then we cook that down.
8:52 am
we'll add the tomato. going to add a little white wine. >> smells good. >> that's going to reduce. tomato sauce, okay. now, the fish. i don't want to push the fish in the stew because it's going to break up. it's very tender. we're going to use a bronzino. cook this right on top, cover it and almost steam it. a little bit more salt, and a little olive oil. we're going to cover it for 10, 15 minutes. it's going to come up. we're going to serve it like this. >> beautiful. >> add a fresh day-old bread or crunchy bread. >> in 10, 15 minutes, that's it to cook it right through. >> exactly. >> that's all it takes. >> would have been lucky to have that aboard that ship. that's beautiful. >> all right. >> what are we working on back here? a brown butter apple cake? >> that's right and even christopher columbus knew that butter makes everything taste better, you know, so here we're starting and it's apple season. choose which ever apple you
8:53 am
like. we're sauteing it in some brown butter. we want it to soften. >> you leave the skins on. >> leave the skins on. >> and then here we have our mixture of almond flour, regular flour and some sugar. >> mm-hmm. >> and now we're just going to add this in. i know it's a tight squeeze. >> no, no, no, if i could just move you. >> in other words, get out of my way. >> on the ship there's not a lot of room. >> exactly. >> so we mix this in. >> okay. >> now we're going to blend this to together, and once again it's pretty simple, yeah, and then we're going to add our egg whites. >> okay. >> we mix it together, vanilla, and then we'll put it in our pie shell. >> okay. >> how long do we bake it for? >> we're going to make it for about 15 minutes at 350. >> is that how long you blend it, just that fast? >> it's a little more done. >> well, you know. >> i'm not used to --
8:54 am
>> we have all the time in the world. >> this is truly a holiday. >> so we are going to just mix this around. we'll bake it for about 15 minutes at 350, and then this is what it shall look like, and we top it off with some caramel sauce. >> how do you make that? >> this is very simple. it's just, believe it or not, can water and sugar and heavy cream, so they simple. >> how christopher columbus would make caramel sauce. >> i liked to end every meal with it. >> he's coming to us tonight. he's not cooking. >> has a reservation, by the way. >> you know, this is the way it is. >> okay. >> and who is eating presen ini?
8:55 am
>> i am. >> you can't pick it up. we better not. >> here we go. >> as we eat, we are going to check in with jason kennedy who is downstairs and he has a look what's coming up in the next hour. >> hello, savannah. practicing my putting stroke. playing golf for 15 years. here's this upsetting this. michael phelps guy, 18 gold medals, the swimmer, he's in scotland. over the weekend he decides i'm going to just start playing golf, so here's the shot. i'm not a numbers guy, but that's really far away. it's 153 feet which is like 50 yards. >> wow. >> the putt, yes, it's still going, and going and going, i haven't even done this in 15 years, does it after just a couple of days of playing golf. he makes it look easy. am i jealous? is that why i'm talking like this. i'm very jealous. a great "take 3" coming up. the first male model on "the price is right." willie, come on, we're excited about this. >> so sorry you didn't get that.
8:56 am
>> i submitted my head shot but to no avail. too much polenta goes right to the behind. >> thanks so much. >> first on a monday morning we get a check of your local news and weather. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. police are investigating a deadly three-vehicle accident in howard county. the men were working on the trailer on wonder road on sunday morning. another vehicle hit the trailer, causing a fire. and 8-year-old child was rushed
8:57 am
to johns hopkins with serious
8:58 am
>> it is and going to be a chilly day but it will state dry until the evening hours. chance for a light rain out tonight. high temperatures between 54 and 59. chance for rain here tonight but dry again on tuesday. >>
8:59 am
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